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Unified Messaging Service

Unified Messaging Service (UMS) is the process of collecting all of you faxes, emails and voicemail messages into one central location. You walk into your office and fire up Outlook. Along with your usual email, there are also mails with attachments that contain any faxes and any voicemails you have received. Essentially, a computer will take your voicemail and translate it to sound files your computer can play. It also takes the faxes you are sent and changes them into pictures your computer can show you. This all happens automatically.

When you have signed up for our Unified Messaging Service, you can use this control panel to:

Number Translation Service (070, 0871 numbers)

Number Translation Service (NTS) is the process of routing a call made to one number to a landline or even a mobile number. This service is typically used by businesses to provide a single point of contact for customers regardless of where they are within the UK. This can be free, local or national rate for the caller. The number the call is routed to can be different for certain times of the day or days of the week. 9-5 Monday to Friday it goes to your office number. Out of hours it goes to your home landline. At the weekend it is transferred to your mobile. You need never miss a business call again.

When you have signed up to our number translation service, you can use this control panel to set or change the destination telephone number(s).

Fax-to-email Service

Fax-to-email is a way you can receive faxes without a fax machine. You sign up for a unique 0844 number (charged at 5ppm, other numbers available) and the sender uses this for your fax. The document will then be automatically translated into a graphic attachment (TIFF or PDF) and sent to the email address you specify. No account set up fee. No rental fee. No advertising. Immediate set up. Just register, pick your number, type in the email address you want your faxes sent and it's done. Our easy to use control panel does all the work for you. Start getting faxes for free today.

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